Application Form for Korean Language Test

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Note for writing

  • write sequential order to ① ~ ⑥ from first square box(□), description should not get out of the square box.
  • Description should be written in English with capital letter and number.
  • Please pay attention. If description (especially, the name and date of birth) is different from the contents listed on the passport, entrance may not be allowed regardless of the result of test.
  • Please fill in every sections of application except ⑦ and ⑧.
How to write
  • ① : Write your name in English as same name written in passport
  • ② : Write your date of birth like an example. (example : 1980 06 03)
  • ③ : Mark the appropriate gender section with (●)
  • ④ : Mark the passport section with(●), then write passport number. If you do not have a passport, mark ID section with (●), then write ID card number.
  • ⑤ : Mark the request applied occupations with (●). (See the acceptance criteria through notice.)
  • ⑥ : Write your phone number like an example. (example: 0274242825).
  • ⑦ ⑧ : Do not write application number, the date of test and testing center.
  • ⑨ : Attach standard 3.5×4.5cm size photo taken with front view, hat off within 6 months.
  • ⑩ : Attach a copy of your passport or ID card.
  • Write date of application and sign a signature of applicants before registration
Matters to be attended for applicant of Korean language Test (KLT)
  • use this application if you are applying KLT
  • We are not responsible for the content that applicant wrongly writes
  • It is not permitted to attend test, and register if applicant does not attach photo, use KLT application, or pay a charge.
Please note following (applicant must read following)
  • Applicant must enter a room at appointed date and time and place.
  • Applicant must bring application card, passport (ID card), a felt-tipped pen and ballpoint pen.
  • Cell phone, cassette player, PDA, electronic dictionary is not allowed to bring into the room.
  • In case of loss of application card, seek guide at the headquarter of test with passport (ID card)
  • If applicant is caught in cheating, the test will be invalid and he will not take a test for two years from the time of cheating.
  • Registration fee is refundable 100% if applicant cancels during the registration periods.

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